SAR Dog Fact Sheet

SAR Dog Fact Sheet

When someone is reported lost or overdue, volunteer search and rescue (SAR) dog teams are available to respond, day or night…

SAR dogs help to locate:

  • Children lost in the wilderness, parks or hidden in shrubbery around houses
  • Elderly persons and/or Alzheimer patients who may have wandered away from homes or hospitals
  • Victims of avalanche. earthquakes, floods, explosions and/or bombs, fires, aircraft crashes, tornadoes as well as other disasters
  • Evidence of crime and the bodies of homicide victims

Virginia volunteer SAR dog units search under the direction of law enforcement and the emergency services agencies at no cost to the agency. Units will not respond to request by private individuals and will not respond to known criminals that may present a threat to dog or handler. Through the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center at Scott Air Force Base, dog teams may be flown to distance search sites by military or Civil Air patrol aircraft. This too comes at no cost to the agency.

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