Team News

A big shout out to David and his K9 Argo for passing their large area (160 Acre) test and becoming our latest Live Find Wilderness Search and Rescue operation team. Great job team Argo! A big congratulations to this team for recently making their first rescue of a missing person.
izzy and diane
Friends, it is with the heaviest of heart that we say good bye to K9 Izzy. Izzy was certified in Live Find, Land HRD and Water Recovery and loved his SAR work. No job more important, to him, than the one he was doing at that moment. He also excelled in finding the items we lost (cells phones, Radios, etc) and being particularly smug about finding our things. He was a clown, a best friend, and a diplomat. K9 Izzy never did a “serious” task, as he worked with style and flair. In addition, he was always polite about showing how you were wrong. He was loved, He will be missed and always remembered. Good boy Izzy, Free Dog